Turning Leads into Sales

Turning Leads into SALES Step by Step

Turning leads into sales needs to start somewhere, and that first step is all about building a relationship with potential clients. So, the next logical question is: How do you build a relationship with a potential client?

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A good place to start is to make that client a priority. Time is money, so if you invest your time in a client, they will be inclined to invest their hard-earned money in you.

  • Please get to know them (not spam them with all about you)
  • Ask them what they want (not what you want)
  • Help them to realise their vision (get strategic – ask more questions)
  • Make them feel confident in your abilities (have content, recommendations, case studies and more)

Making a potential client a priority involves instituting a strategic approach including interaction, support and bringing awareness of your value add to that client. Every potential client will want to know how you will better their lives.

Add value and not spam

One of the most effective ways to differentiate ourselves would be to educate our potential clients on why they should go with us. We would be able to do this by providing them with a better understanding of our services and the benefits they could gain from them.

A tactic we could use is to make a potential client a priority. This would involve instituting a strategic approach, including interaction, support and bringing awareness of your value add to the company.

Talk less, listen more

Clients want to know that they are being heard, so LISTEN.

Connect with them on LinkedIn, like and comment on their posts. Show your interest in their business while clarifying how your company could help them and add value to their brand.

Make your potential customer feel noticed and appreciated.

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