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Who we Are

Do you need help connecting with your B2B audience?
Is your brand getting lost in the noise?

Let us help you define, refine and direct your B2B customer experience. A marketing strategy no longer includes “just marketing” but that includes sales, HR and other business units that have touch points with your clients.

We are LadyBugz, your ally in the digital world. We are not just service providers but your committed partners. We dedicate our time and efforts to your success. Our focus goes beyond transactions. It’s about relationships!

We can help you unlock the full potential of your B2B brand through impactful webinars and strategic plans. We also provide targeted training to your teams to navigate LinkedIn with finesse, helping them to be your brand’s most prominent advocates on this crucial platform.

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Webinar Events

LadyBugz offers tailored webinar planning and hosting services to help your B2B brand connect with audiences worldwide. Our team works with you to create engaging content and cutting-edge technology for your webinars, whether a thought leadership session or a training program.

According to our client webinars, about 30% of the audience can become leads if sales teams follow up correctly. Our team can handle everything from planning to sales training to follow-up on leads, making it an effortless experience for your brand.

Partnering with LadyBugz means you’ll receive a complete solution that meets and exceeds your B2B webinar objectives and ensures a successful and memorable online event for your brand.

So why not partner with LadyBugz today and engage with global audiences in real-time?

// Services

Our Services

Linkedin Marketing & Management

Are you looking to establish your brand’s presence and credibility on LinkedIn?

LadyBugz can help. Your employees can be powerful advocates for your organisation on this platform.


Our digital coaching services can help you succeed in the online world.

We provide coaching to give you the skills and knowledge to navigate digital
marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, and more. 


Are you looking to establish your brand’s
presence and credibility on LinkedIn?

LadyBugz can help. Your employees can be
powerful advocates for your organisation on this platform.


Reaching and engaging as many people as possible when using social media is essential.

Our social media management solutions can help your brand achieve this goal organically without paying for advertising.


Improve your communication strategy with LadyBugz’ Newsletter Management Service.

Our service makes it easy for you to connect with your audience through engaging and visually appealing newsletters.


It’s essential to have a good website that looks great and is easy to use.

Our website design is flexible, user-friendly, and visually appealing. You can easily update your website with new information, which keeps it current and exciting.










// Team

Our Awesome Team

Noleen Thompson

Noleen Thompson

Founder & CEO

Responsible for leading and directing a company to achieve its goals, while ensuring that it remains well-positioned for future growth. Noleen is passionate about helping people work through their comfortable place, into an uncomfortable place to level up their branding.

Mpho Mogorosi

Mpho Mogorosi

Operations Manager

Mpho ensures that the company’s production processes are efficient, effective, and aligned with customer demands and business goals. Mpho’s passion is copywriting, and she helps clients turn their words into paper.

Clare Terblanche

Clare Terblanche

Multi-Media Designer

Clare is the multimedia designer for Ladybugz. Clare’s passion is to not only create beautiful websites that suits your company but also to create proper graphics and logos that represents your company in a professional light.

Nessah Muller

Nessah Muller

Digital Administrative Support

A dedicated and enthusiastic professional with a genuine passion for helping others. By fostering an organized atmosphere, Nessah aims to contribute to the team’s overall productivity and success.

Tammy Kruger

Tammy Kruger

Digital Marketing Assistant

Tammy firmly embraces the concept of continuous learning and personal development, always seeking to introduce innovative ideas to the team.

Tamishka Naidoo

Tamishka Naidoo

Digital Marketing & Multi-media Co-Ordinator

Tamishka does website design, maintenance, and graphic design. Tamishka also assists with different marketing tasks such as social media visuals.

Our Clients

// Testimonials

What our clients have to say

Lady bugs has been a part of our growing brand for many years now and in that time, they have evolved with us. It goes without saying they go above and beyond what is expected. They are always online and ready to assist with issues or concerns and provide valuable feedback for more than just our ‘marketing’. We are grateful for all that they have done and look forward to the future with them as we grow!

J. Lawlor

Marketing and Inventory Coordinator, Simconnect T/A SimNet