Natalie Van Blerk


Managing Director – PelePele Marketing

Bootcamp Discussion: Why is analytics such an important part of a marketer’s tool kit?

Analytics helps you access insights on a monthly basis on your target market’s behaviour, without you having to leave your office! It’s real-time in a way. You can then make immediate changes in the next month to be a better marketer ie you will be able to target your messaging more effectively if you know who is listening, what they want to hear, and when!

Do this on the first day of the new month, for the month before.

  • Website analytics – How many people are actually visiting your website, which days, from where, for how long and what are popular pages? See if your marketing eg an advert, on the day it came out, is leading to people viewing your website, your hub of information. Etc
  • LinkedIn analytics – Who is actually following the company page? Then you can post pertinent things that will appeal to them and get far more interaction.
  • PR analytics – What is your share of voice out in the market and what is being said (by you or others) about your brand in the press, online, radio, TV etc? If your SOV is 5% and your competitors are the rest, you have work to do!
  • YouTube analytics – How are those how-to videos on your company doing? How many views have you had, for how long on average are they watching?)
  • Newsletter analytics (How many people actually opened your newsletter, unsubscribed etc? If your open rate is 5% you have work to do as a marketer!)

Benchmark and improve!  Be a more effective marketer, by taking a day each month to do this. Surge in digital and TV advertising. Now you can learn more, virtually!