Ladybugz Terms and Conditions:
We are pleased to be working on this project with you and we trust that it will be a success. However, for us to work together, we have to ensure that we all understand some of the Terms and Conditions that are in place and to ensure that we all understand our set expectations.

Below are some guidelines and terms to kindly note:
● No Work (Including Strategy sessions, meetings, additional content conversation) will be done without payment. We work on a payment first policy. Monthly invoices will be paid by the first of every month. 30 days notice for cancellation.
● When we attend events or activations, we will use our Mobile devices to help with fresh social media content, however, if the client requires professional shoots, we have a professional photographer who will attend events at an additional cost. The client is always free to bring in their own professional photographer to events. (These activations are an additional cost, if not already included in the proposal)
● Onboarding Session (Strategy) and First Time Content Conversation are free and will be at no additional cost to the new client. Additional meetings and clarification will be charged at R 750.00 per hour.
● The client will complete a brand and strategy information document prior to meetings and strategy sessions to ensure we are all talking from the same direction. This ensures a timeously delivery of a strategy to the client.
● LadyBugz to be given Admin access to the social media accounts that will be managed and CPanel of required websites (if applicable) timeously to ensure that they are all set up correctly and optimised.
● Work commenced in the middle of the month, will be invoiced pro-rata and paid for upfront before the continuation of said work.
● Monthly reports are charged separately.
● Additional work requests will be discussed and estimations sent before work is commissioned and placed into the project plan. This includes webinars, brochures, templates and other designs.
● Video creation and editing are charged separately. The time of 48 hours also applies for video edits.

Website Specifics:
● Each project is estimated and based on the content delivery from the client. When the LadyBugz team say it will take an estimated 2 weeks for delivery of the subdomain site, this means, 2 weeks from the date the client submits the content required for the website. (Not 2 weeks and 2 days beforehand the client submit all requirements, and all other projects are placed on hold.
● For any website design work, please note that all content including images must be given before the start of the design phase to ensure quick build time. Note that this includes additional content changes to be given at least 48 hours prior to the subdomain project date.
● Additional domains required are costed separately and will be charged for.
● Urgent work will occur at an additional cost as we run on projects for most clients and this means a possible delay and additional resource may be required for the urgent work.
● Changes can be made to the content during the website design process. (The client MUST send consolidated changes and will get TWO (2) free changes and will incur additional costs thereafter.) If the change request is due to the design or spelling fault of LadyBugz, no charge will be incurred.
● Please also note that all of our projects are built on subdomains (test websites) first and then moved to their original domain (client website). This helps us to check the functionality of the site (except for mobile). Mobile-enabled (look and feel) is only enabled and checked on the client live site.
● If there any changes that need to be made after the first template of your website please send all changes through at the same time. Should additional template changes be required, additional costs will be incurred. This is why LadyBugz asks for template ideas and design approval upfront to have minimal changes throughout the project.

NB: We required 48 hours advanced notice for all urgent work required by the client. Anything sooner will incur an additional cost or a possible delay in the project.

Reminder: For any urgent graphic or web design projects, please ensure to give us a 48-hour notice, so that it gives us enough time to develop the project as well as apply any changes that need to be made